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A researcher’s endeavor to explore neuroscience is met with many challenges. With pressure to secure and allocate lab resources, every dollar must be spent in service of accruing well-founded scientific data – not troubleshooting equipment issues.

Designed by scientists for scientists. Our neuroscience research solutions function as a seamless extension of your process – creating more time for the pursuit of discovery.

Amuza believes knowledgeable researchers require the right tools to unlock the potential for discovery – ones that provide the insight, partnership, and community that researchers need to be confident in their research outcomes.

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Improving Human Lives Through Research

Your Partner in Helping Improve Human Lives Through Research

As a sounding board, equipment provider, and partner in discovery, Amuza is committed to helping all researchers feel confident in and excited about their research outcomes.

Produce Replicable Results

Produce Replicable Results with Well-Designed Tools Ready to Obtain Data

Researchers need more than the right equipment to embark on their path to discovery. With Amuza as a partner, we can help find custom-tailored solutions to your cutting-edge research.


Find Breakthroughs Faster

Find Breakthroughs Faster with Time-Saving Animal Training Tools

Through voluntary head-restriction methods, you can automate the learning process of research animals. A stress-free, controlled environment improves the efficiency and accuracy of head-restricted rodent behavior.

Hidden Benefits of HPLC-ECD

The Hidden Benefits of an HPLC-ECD

The first is a high sensitivity, down to the attomole range. Suitable for most neuroscience applications, What’s the second hidden benefit?

Exploring the Secrets of Behavioral Neuroscience

Exploring the Secrets of Behavioral Neuroscience

Dr. Matsuzaki’s lab at the University of Tokyo is Uncovering Neural Circuits Involved in Motor Learning

Neuroscience Research Tools that Accelerate Your Discovery

One of the major hurdles to research is ensuring accurate data. As a team of scientists and experts in the field of neuroscience research, we understand the pressure of time. Our precise products provide accurate results—optimizing the research process—and creating more time for the pursuit of discovery.

Behavioral Neuroscience

Explore our behavioral equipment offerings for researchers studying the impact of cognitive biological functions on behavior.

The Most Reliable HPLC-ECD

Our compact, ready-to-use HPLC is the most reliable way to measure neurotransmitter levels, providing researchers with dependable data.

Untethered Research

Discover how untethered research animals behave normally, leaving you better, more reliable results.

HPLC Autosampler

Measure neurotransmitter levels with highly sensitive, automated instruments, which allow you to focus on your work.

TaskForcer Training Solution

Spend less time training with the faster, simpler tool for operant behavior conditioning.

Wireless Optogenetic Stimulator

Teleopto is a wireless system for optogenetic stimulation, using small head-mounted receivers.

Automate Mice Training

Teach mice to perform voluntary head restriction by automating the learning process.

Accurate Touch Responses

Our infrared sensors improve the accuracy of recorded touch responses because no minimum force is required to detect a response.

Design Your Own Modular Maze

Discover how to transition seamlessly between DIY modular maze configurations to meet your experiment goals.

Microdialysis Probes

Microdialysis probes enable sampling of low molecular weight compounds from within the extracellular space of tissues.

Wireless Fiber Photometry

Obtain precise real-time measurements of neural circuits during operant conditioning with TeleFipho wireless fiber photometry.

EEG Recording Wirelessly

At as little as 2 grams, our ELG-2: EEG and EMG data logger is a lightweight solution for EEG recording without tethers.

Accurate Measurements of Fluid Intake

The Drinko-Measurer is our simple solution for precise measurements of liquids during animal research studies.

Pipettes Your Hand Wants to Use

Our lighter and easier to maneuver pipettes, make it easy to direct and use for longer intervals.

Complete In Vivo Microdialysis System

Amuza can create your entire microdialysis system, to streamline and automate your project.

Your Partner in Research

At Amuza, we know that a knowledgeable researcher requires the right tool to unlock discovery. With so many unknowns in the neuroscience field—funding, experiment outcomes, grants, even the human mind itself—researchers can count on Amuza’s precise products to ensure accurate data. We partner with researchers to understand exactly what they need. Our team of experts works diligently to deliver precise, reliable, and accurate research solutions to optimize the research experience. We provide the tools and tips that enable our clients to experience the joy of discovery and change the world.

Your Partner in Research

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Amuza understands the importance of reliable resources during your pursuit of discovery.
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Introduction Precise fluid intake measurement can be extremely important in behavioral neuroscience studies. Accurately measuring the amount of fluid a rodent consumes provides crucial insights into their physiological and behavioral responses. In this blog, we will...

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