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Amuza provides research instruments to improve life science and, in turn, the quality of human life. At Amuza, we recognize researchers need more than the right equipment to embark on their path to discovery; true breakthroughs require a solution perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of your project. As a sounding board, equipment provider, and partner in discovery, Amuza is committed to helping all researchers feel confident in and excited about their research outcomes.

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One of the major hurdles to research is ensuring accurate data. As a team of scientists and experts in the field of neuroscience research, we understand the pressure of time. Our precise products provide accurate results—optimizing the research process—and creating more time for the pursuit of discovery.

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At Amuza, we know that a knowledgeable researcher requires the right tool to unlock discovery. With so many unknowns in the neuroscience field—funding, experiment outcomes, grants, even the human mind itself—researchers can count on Amuza’s precise products to ensure accurate data. We partner with researchers to understand exactly what they need. Our team of experts works diligently to deliver the precise, reliable, and accurate research solutions to optimize the research experience. We provide the tools and tips that enable our clients to experience the joy of discovery and change the world.

Happy Customers

“Our lab has used the wireless Teleopto system daily for the last two years and we have been
extremely pleased with our experience. We have been impressed by how readily available the
staff at Amuza have been to assist with any questions we’ve had and their enthusiasm towards
creating custom parts to meet the needs of our unique experiments. ”

Hirofumi Morishita

Associate Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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We believe in collaboration. It’s why we act as more than a vendor—we’re a partner in the research process. The power of community is key to progress and developments in the scientific field. Our community hub connects researchers, allows scientists to share insights, and provides support and product updates in one central location fueled by the joy of discovery.

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