About Amuza

Your partner in life science research

With every experiment, researchers embark on a quest for answers to some of life’s most pressing questions. In fact, each new discovery can sometimes only serve to prove just how little we know about life on Earth and all that entails.

At Amuza, we are honored to serve as partners and conduits for these researchers on their journey to discovery. Staffed by a team of scientific minds, Amuza works closely with every researcher to understand exactly what they’ve set out to seek while investing deeply in ensuring the validity and repeatability of every outcome. The Amuza team invests time and energy into understanding its unique tools so that every employee can act as a sounding board and guide to collaboratively steer experiments from beginning to end. 

Precise, accurate, and reliable, Amuza’s research solutions optimize the processes of every experiment—putting every researcher on the fast path to discovery.

Amuza believes that knowledgeable researchers require the right tools to unlock the potential for discovery—ones that provide the insight, partnership, and community that researchers need to be confident in their research outcomes.

Our Mission.

To provide a better research experience, and improve the quality of human lives.

To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees.

Our Story.

The prospect of scientific discovery has always fascinated Amuza’s founder, Shinji Azuma,—both as a researcher and in a sales capacity. Both in the lab and in the offices of Eicom, a Japanese producer of quality research equipment, Shinji was motivated by an unshakeable drive to learn more, do better, and reach his goals. This is how, nearly 20 years ago, Shinji ended up in the U.S. with the HTEC-500 in hand: an advanced HPLC-ECD (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Electrochemical Detection) system that he had been personally developing and refining to best serve the needs of the researchers who needed it to come that much closer to the joy of scientific discovery.
From this singular product, Shinji grew Amuza into the neuroscience research solutions provider that it is today. The company is still driven by the ethos that Shinji established when he founded Amuza in 2012: The Amuza team invests time and energy into learning about the intricacies of every product, so as to be a better guide and sounding board to researchers from the grant application process to the final rounds of data collection and beyond.

Omotenashi, as it’s known in Japan, is the practice of providing the best possible service to meet customers’ needs. This practice has provided the foundation for Amuza to grow and evolve, learning directly from customers in order to further optimize their research experience along the way. Life science researchers are chasing the answers to some of life’s most pressing and integral questions; Amuza is honored to play a part in this pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

Our History.

2012, December, Amuza Inc was launched in San Diego, California. Our main business at the time was delivering quality support to Eicom’s in vivo neuroscience products.

As of 2016, we are now the sole distributor of Strex in the US and other countries.

In 2017, we started providing TOMY autoclaves and centrifuges.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders awarded Amuza an R41 Technology Transfer grant (NINDS/NIH, USA) to develop “a unified system of wireless optogenetics and brain microdialysis”.

Amuza was featured in the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in 2018 and 2019, two years in a row. A feat that could have not been accomplished without our customers, partners, and employees’ loyalty and support.

We look forward to working with you.