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Highly Sensitive Acetylcholine Analysis – Cholinesterase Inhibitor Free

Detection of acetylcholine (ACh) has historically been difficult for in-vivo monitoring via microdialysis because of the low levels present in the brain. Traditional solutions, such as adding a cholinesterase inhibitor to the perfusate, typically artificially modify the physiological conditions, which change the basal state and can result in frustrating confounding and misinterpreted results.

This application note introduces a breakthrough technique for detection of acetylcholine without the need for a cholinesterase inhibitor to the perfusate.

  • No acetylcholinesterase inhibitor required for the medial prefrontal cortex.
  • The new improved enzymatic column provides increased sensitivity
  • The reproducible sensitivity level of 5 fmol
  • 18 minute run time with an internal standard, 13 minutes without internal standard.
  • Also allows for the detection of Choline
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