Behavioral Neuroscience Solutions for Reliable Research

Why Behavioral Neuroscience Matters

Understanding cognitive biological functions’ impact on behavior is crucial for advancing neuroscience. Our precision behavioral neuroscience testing equipment empowers researchers with reliable data from animal studies.

Explore Versatile Behavioral Testing Equipment

Gain insights across various research domains with our comprehensive behavioral equipment, including:

  • Operant Testing Systems: Explore advanced operant conditioning setups tailored to your research needs.
  • Mazes: Design custom mazes for spatial cognition and learning experiments.
  • Social Interaction Tests: Study social behaviors and hierarchies with precision equipment.
  • Conditioned Taste Aversion: Investigate taste aversion and associative learning.
  • Open-Field Testing: Monitor exploratory behaviors and anxiety-related responses.
  • Conditioned Behavior: Analyze conditioned responses for behavioral studies.

Behavioral Testing in Animals Part 2: Which Behavior Test?

How to Choose the Right Behavioral Test for Your Research

Ensure Data Accuracy with Simple, Customizable Solutions

In the quest to understand neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders, reliable data is paramount. Our solutions support research on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, substance abuse, and more, delivering real-world impact.

Products for Behavioral Neuroscience

TaskForcer: Train Mice in Just 3 Days

Empower your research with efficient behavioral training tools.

Automated Mice Training System

Streamline learning processes and behavioral data collection.

Touch Panel Operant System

Enhance accuracy in touch response measurements for precise data.

Modular Maze Design

Customize maze configurations seamlessly for experimental versatility.

User-Friendly TaskStudio Software

Design and execute tasks with ease using intuitive software solutions.

Precise Fluid Intake Measurement

Accurately measure fluid intake with our leak-free Drinko-Measurer.

Unlock Discoveries with Amuza as Your Research Partner

We’re proud of our research partners! Check out this publication from Dr. Andrea Benucci, using a novel mouse behavioral learning platform that supports the need for reproducible behavioral measurements that can be performed quickly and accurately.

Previously training a mouse under head-fixation took me about 15 hours! Now with the platform, we have cut training time down to an hour and a half.

Dr. Andrea Benucci

RIKEN Center for Brain Science

Bringing Researchers the Best Behavioral Neuroscience Products from Around the World

Amuza Inc is committed to bringing neuroscientists the most reliable, ready-to-use products from anywhere in the world.
For over 40 years, O’Hara’s behavioral neuroscience products have been used across research facilities with a commitment to improving the reliability of behavioral neuroscience testing data. Click the logo to learn more.

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Latest Blogs, News and Articles

Learn about the Amuza community’s research in behavioral neuroscience testing.

How to Set Up an Open Field Test for Animal Behavior Research

How to Set Up an Open Field Test for Animal Behavior Research

Uncover the nuances of animal behavior research with open field tests—a pivotal method to study emotions and motor activities. Gain insights into crucial dimensions, materials, lighting, test durations, and experimental protocols. Explore behavioral neuroscience and advanced techniques like Fiber Photometry for comprehensive studies.

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​​Fluid Intake Precision: The Drinko Advantage

​​Fluid Intake Precision: The Drinko Advantage

Explore the revolutionary Drinko Measurer for precise fluid intake measurement in rodent studies. This innovative tool offers accurate data collection, leak-free sipper tube, and multiple sizes for adaptability. Elevate your behavioral neuroscience research with the advanced features of the Drinko Measurer from Amuza.

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Customized Solutions for Your Research Journey

Partner with us for tailored equipment and expert support throughout your project:

Customization Process
  1. Discuss:
    Connect with a neuroscience equipment expert to understand your needs.
  2. Customize:
    Work with us to create a system tailored to and compatible with your research experiment.
    We’ll help you fully understand what equipment is needed to get your results, providing transparency and clarity on scientific equipment to make educated decisions in line with your budgetary needs.
  3. Deliver:
    Once we receive the order, experience a typical 4-week turnaround as we make and quality inspect the equipment before it reaches you.
  4. Support:
    As part of the Amuza community, benefit from exceptional customer support, and resources. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of your equipment and welcome you to share your discoveries with us!

In addition to providing world-class research products, our team of scientists is here to serve you throughout your research project. Let us know what you may have questions about how our products fit into your research.