Tissue Clearing Rapid™

Experience the unmatched speed and morphological
preservation for tissue clearing with no need for
organic solvents and a low cost of entry.

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Fastest commercially available tissue clearing method
Preserves tissue morphology and target fluorescence.
No need for organic solvents.

Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid offers a very fast process. For example, mice brains can be cleared in just 6 hours. Unlike the methods used in the current tissue clearing market, Binaree provides morphological consistency while preserving existing fluorescence as it utilizes electrophoresis and mild chemicals. It does not use heat or organic solvents while keeping the clean-up capacity of lipids. Additionally, Binaree is compatible with downstream immunostaining.

Fig. 1 Comparison of marketed products (Ref. www.Binaree.com)

Outlined protocol of tissue clearing with Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid™.

– Example of mouse brain clearing.
  1.  Prepare a transcardial perfused sample with 4 % paraformaldehyde (PFA).
  2. Incubate the sample with 4 % Paraformaldehyde PFA overnight.
  3. Incubate in 30 % sucrose solution until the sample sinks.
  4. Set tissue in the chamber, fill with Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Solution and place the chamber into the electrophoresis kit, run only for 6 to 8 hours in the case of mouse brain.
  5. Incubate in Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Mounting Solution at 37 °C for 24-48 hours.

 The detailed protocol of Tissue Clearing Rapid can be downloaded.

Watch Binaree® Tissue Clearing Rapid™ in action!

Binaree® Tissue Clearing™ Rapid (BRTC-001)

What is Tissue Clearing

Tissue-clearing technology makes tissue transparent, allowing you to visualize opaque organs and tissues in three dimensions.

High-resolution mapping of three-dimensional (3D) imaging of intact brains has been used as a viable approach to visualizing neuroanatomical data. Specifically, these imaging techniques enable the spatial localization and overall morphological observation of target cells within tissues, thereby expanding the scope of biological and medical insights beyond traditional, labor-intensive sectioning methods to encompass holistic information. The recently developed tissue-clearing techniques combine with optical imaging equipment such as confocal and light-sheet microscopy and imaging programs to enable the identification of biological information in 3D directly without the need to collate 2D images.

How Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid works

Bianree Tissue Clearing Rapid™ works to lower the refractive index (RI) of cell and tissue components. As a result, the treated tissue becomes low viscosity and optically clear. It gives a refractive index of 1.52 which requires no additional processing prior to imaging. When compared to a commonly used detergent, Triton-X, the micelles produced by the gentle detergent in Binaree Rapid are significantly smaller and more permeable to tissue.

When paring the Tissue Clearing Rapid with our electrophoresis device, the tissue clearing step can be completed in the following timeframes:

With the Binaree® Tissue Clearing Rapid™ system the whole clearing process from fixation to imaging takes approximately 2-3 days, which is significantly faster than many other available tissue clearing methods. Options for passive clearing without the need for the electrophoresis device are available and this process takes approximately 5-7 days to achieve tissue clearing.

Please visit this page https://www.binaree.com/tissue-clearing-reference

Binaree® Tissue Clearing Rapid™ System includes (BDTC-003 , B00.003.00)

Electrophoresis Device (BDTC-003)

The BDTC-003, electrophoresis device has a cooling function to keep the sample temperature below 30°C to prevent tissue from a fluorescence loss.

  • Full Digital LCD Display with Black-Light Function
  • 165 x 250 x 145 mm, 2.2 kg
  • Digital Fuzzy Controller with Touch Button and Job Dial
  • Timer 99 hr 59 min, 1 min increments

When you purchase 8 sets of reagent kits (BRTC-001 or BRTC-002 + BRMO-006), we will lease the electrophoresis device for two years for free.

For first-time use, we would recommend purchasing;
Rapid System (BDTC-003) + Rapid Solution (BRTC-001 or BRTC-002) + Rapid Mounting (BRMO-006)

Binaree® Tissue Clearing Rapid™ Reagents for Brain

Product CodeProduct NameDescriptionVolume
B10.001.00BRTC-001Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Solution for 3 mouse brain samples60 mL
B10.101.00BRMO-006Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Mounting Solution for 3 mouse brain samples60 mL
B10.401.00BRTC-401Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Solution Brain for 30 mouse brains samples600 mL
B12.060.00BRMO-060Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Mounting Solution for 30 mouse brain samples600 mL

Binaree® Tissue Clearing Rapid™ Reagents (non-Brain)

Product CodeProduct NameDescriptionVolume
B11.002.00BRTC-002Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Solution for 3 samples60 mL
B11.402.00BRTC-402Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid Solution x10600 mL

Remark: Rapid system and reagents do not work with passive type reagents e.g. HRTC-xxx, SHMS-xxx, HRMO-xxx, etc.

Binaree® Passive Tissue Clearing Reagents

Product CodeProduct NameDescriptionVolume
B20.012.00HRTC-012Binaree Tissue Clearing Kit30 mL of Solution A
60 mL of Solution B
B20.312.00HRTC-312Binaree Tissue Clearing Kit for 5 brain samples150 mL of Solution A
300 mL of Solution B
B20.412.00HRTC-412Binaree Tissue Clearing Kit for 10 brain samples300 mL of Solution A
600 mL of Solution B
B21.006.00HRMO-006Binaree Tissue Clearing Mounting Solution for 3 brain samples60 mL
B21.030.00HRMO-030Binaree Tissue Clearing Mounting Solution for 15 brain samples300 mL
B21.060.00HRMO-060Binaree Tissue Clearing Mounting Solution for 30 brain samples 600 mL


  1. Clearing the adult mouse whole brain at 5-7 days
  2. Clearing only with solution, no electrophoresis device
  3. Recommended for tissue clearing under 3 mm
  4. Immunostaining possible after clearing.