New Investigator Program

New Investigator Program

New Program Provides 10% Discounts

Amuza’s New Investigator Program provides special discounts for a 6 month period after registration.

10% discounts are available on the following products:

  • HPLC equipment and supplies
  • Microdialysis parts and equipment
  • ENO Nitrite and Nitrate analysis equipment and supplies

Eligibility: New Investigators who are establishing their first laboratory or have received startup funds for their first laboratory will be eligible to register for six months. Investigators are also eligible to register for six months when they move their lab to a new location. Investigators can only register for the New Investigator/New Lab program once.

Conditions: Registration is required to receive this discount. This discount does not apply to labor, shipping, or extended warranties, and cannot be combined with other discounts. The discount will not apply retroactively to orders placed before registration. The New Investigator/New Lab program is currently limited to US customers only. For the customers outside the US, please contact us to find out if you can receive a similar program in your country. We, Amuza Inc reserve the right to change the conditions of this program including the termination of this program anytime.