Last Updated on August 19, 2020

Eicom can increase the throughput, sensitivity, and temporal resolution of your next microdialysis experiment. Fast microdialysis allows basal level monitoring of dopamine and serotonin in mice with 3 minute online HPLC analyses and 6 minute sampling times. These conditions allow a detection limit for serotonin of 0.8 fMol with an Eicom HTEC-500 HPLC.

Developed by neuroscientists Anne Andrews and Hongyan Yang at UCLA in conjunction with Eicom, this application makes full use of the short analysis time by staggering injections from two different animals onto one Eicom HTEC 500 HPLC-ECD equipped with a PP-ODS II separation column.

The 6 minute sample time has already proven useful in unmasking physiologically relevant changes in extracellular serotonin levels too fast to examine with standard 20-minute samples. Furthermore, online microdialysis allowed them to troubleshoot microdialysis sampling at the beginning of their experiments instead of after hours of collection.

Two Eicom EAS-20s autoinjectors are programmed to collect 6-minute samples from two animals and alternate making injections on the HPLC. This allows 2 complete runs, one from each animal, in each 6-minute chromatogram.