Last Updated on June 12, 2023

Benefits of using the ENO-30 for Nitrate and Nitrite Detection

An overview of the ENO-30, which can simultaneously detect nitrate and nitrite in biological and other samples.

The ENO-30 is a uniquely designed system that combines HPLC with a colorimetric assay optimized for fast and highly sensitive quantitative analysis of nitrate and nitrite. By utilizing the ENO-30, you can get accurate data in 10 minutes from a single injection. Combined with laboratory automation using an autosampler, you can run hundreds of samples overnight.

Let’s take a look inside to see how it works: The ENO-30 has an upper and lower unit. The lower unit contains the HPLC pumps optimized at just the right pumping speeds for the proper mixing of reagents.

Samples are injected with either a manual injector as shown or with an autosampler. Both nitrate and nitrite are first separated by retention time with an HPLC column. After separation, nitrate is reduced to nitrite. The system utilizes the Griess reaction, in which each nitrite forms an azo dye and is detected as the pink color develops and is measured by absorbance detection at 540 nm.

The design of the entire system has been optimized for highly reproducible results. It’s simple and easy to use. Here at Amuza, it’s important that instruments we provide work just as well for any given end-user as they do for us here at our own facility. That’s why we offer installation and training, as well as product support for all our products.

Thank you for watching. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about running nitrate and nitrite samples.