Last Updated on October 16, 2023

The Drinko-Measurer is simple and straightforward, yet and has a wide variety of useful applications. This is why it is our most multi-faceted product.

Designed solely to mediate a problem common to many liquid consumption studies in animals – unwanted leakage of your solution from the sipper tube.

We understand how frustrating it can be to lose valuable data simply because of faulty tools, which is why we have developed a simple but effective solution in the Drinko-Measurer.

It’s all in the design! 

What makes the Drinko-Measurer special is that it contains double ball bearings inside the nozzle of the sipper tube, which prevents leakage of excess liquid. When force from the animal is applied to the tip of the sipper tube, a single drop of solution is applied. Standard sipper tubes, on the other hand, contain only a single ball bearing, making them more prone to leaking.

Each bottle also contains a clip that attaches to the sipper to stabilize the bottle to the cage. This prevents it from being knocked out of place by the animal.

The rodent sipper tubes come in several lengths, making them flexible to fit a wide variety of cage types. We also have larger bottles that hold up to 40 ml for extended-access studies.

Here are just some of the many applications for the Drinko Measurer:

Drug Delivery: By dissolving your experimental drug into a solvent, you can simply use this as a means for the oral administration of a drug. This is useful for drug dosing experiments and toxicology studies.
You can also measure preference for the drug versus water by combining two Drinko-Measurer systems per cage. 

Conditioned Taste Preference: Measure preference for a liquid by combining two Drinko- Measurer systems and measuring consumption.

Conditioned Taste Aversion: Similar to sucrose preference tests, measure conditioned taste aversion by pairing solution in one Drinko-Measurer with a noxious stimulus. Preference or tolerance of the aversive liquid can be measured against water by using two Drinko-Measurers.