Last Updated on July 31, 2023

The Free Maze, our reconfigurable modular maze, has you covered!

With the Free Maze for mice and rats, all components are reconfigurable, meaning you can easily disassemble and reassemble your maze with unique specifications. This allows you to create different mazes for different behavioral assays using the same piece of equipment, instead of having to purchase individual mazes for each assay you want to run.

The standard setup is the T-Maze, but individual corridor components can be mixed and matched to build your custom maze. 

This reconfigurable modular maze was designed to offer users flexibility instead of being constrained to a single maze type. Ultimately, the maze design is up to the user’s imagination.

Examples of different corridor types offered with the Free Maze

The reconfigurable modular maze system also comes with photo beam sensors that can be placed anywhere along the maze to record the animal’s position. Breaks in photo beam sensors are also used to trigger automatic doors that open up new pathways for the animal while they use the maze.

Not only can users disassemble corridors to construct different maze types, but they can also move the location of the photo beam sensors and door units, to change the trajectory of the animal’s path within the same maze. Corridors are sized separately for both mice and rats.

Our reconfigurable modular maze system is ideal for learning and memory experiments assessing:

  • Spatial memory
  • Basic working memory
  • Differences between working and reference memory
  • Impairments in the working memory

The reconfigurable modular maze is also completely automated. Photobeam sensors, doors, and reward dispensers are controlled by TaskStudio software. With this software, users can create and save tasks specific to each maze type, using the Trial Builder. The software makes it easy to run through different trials within the same session or across sessions.

Performing in vivo electrophysiology or optical imaging in freely moving animals? The maze is also compatible with in vivo electrophysiology and optical imaging techniques.

Learn more about the Free Maze by visiting our product page or connecting with an expert.