Case Studies

Welcome to our page dedicated to showcasing the experiences and insights of researchers utilizing cutting-edge neuroscience research equipment. Delve into a world where innovation meets discovery as we present a series of interviews and case studies featuring our esteemed clients. Gain valuable perspectives, learn best practices, and uncover the transformative impact of neuroscience tools in diverse scientific pursuits. Join us on a journey of exploration and inspiration as we spotlight the remarkable work being conducted at the forefront of neuroscience research.

Neurotransmitter Analysis

Studying Pancreatic Islet Cell Biology
and Its Implication in Diabetes with

Studying pancreatic islet cell biology uncovers GABA’s role in diabetes. HPLC-ECD enables precise GABA measurement, aiding research. The researcher discusses challenges, praising HTEC’s sensitivity and ease. Improved maintenance and increased sensitivity are desired.

Exploring Novel Compounds for Suppressing Drug Self-Administration

The Hemby Lab at High Point University utilizes HPLC-ECD analysis to explore novel compounds for mitigating drug self-administration in substance abuse disorder research, aiming to alleviate human suffering and societal burden.

Wireless Neuroscience

Studying Circadian Rhythm Circuitry with Optogenetics

The case study highlights optogenetic stimulation’s role in studying circadian rhythms. TeleOpto’s ease of use and compatibility offer promise, despite challenges like animal handling for battery recharging.

Nitrite and Nitrate Detection

Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Nitrate Supplements

Amuza’s HPLC-based NOx detection aids Dr. Baker and Dr. Kim-Shapiro in exploring nitrate supplements’ potential to manage hypertension, highlighting its efficiency and reliability in clinical trials and research.