Drinko Measurer, Leak-Free Sipper Tube, for Animal Studies

Get accurate mouse fluid intake measurements with our Drinko Measurer.

By allowing only a single drop of fluid at a time, the Drinko Measurer stops leaks in lab water bottles for accurate liquid measurements. The simple solution for precise measurements of liquids during animal research studies. Ideal for conditioned taste aversion/preference, alcohol consumption, and drug delivery experiments.
  • Secure Water Bottle with Adjustable, Attachable Clip – Tubes come with adjustable clips that attach to the cage to prevent the lab water bottle from being knocked out of place.
  • Easy Cleaning – All parts are autoclavable for easy cleaning.
  • Sized to Fit – Choose between sipper tube and bottle lengths for a perfect fit. 

We know your data is important. Amuza supports researchers with reliable lab equipment to deliver accurate observations in mouse fluid intake studies.

What’s unique about the Drinko Measurer is that it contains double ball bearings inside the nozzle of the sipper tube which prevents leakage of excess liquid. When the force from a mouse or rat applies to the tip of the sipper tube, a single drop of the solution gets dispensed.

Unlike standard sipper tubes which use an often leaky single ball bearing, the Drinko Measurer’s unique design allows a single drop of solution at a time for simple, reliable research.

Discover Better Results with No Leak Lab Measurements

Researchers agree the Drinko Measurer sipper tubes “perform great with no leaks”. Whether working on extended access studies, conditioned taste aversion/preference, alcohol consumption, or drug delivery experiments, mouse watering with the Drinko Measurer provides leak-free, effortless fluid measurements in animal research studies.

We use Drinko Measurer tubes in our alcohol consumption studies in mice and they perform great with no leaks.

Dr. Foster Olive

Arizona State University



15 mL test tube with markings
15 mL test tube
10 mL test tube

MaterialHeat resistant glass
Sipper Length65 mm (2.5 in)
90 mm (3.5 in)
120 mm (4.5 in)
ClipPen type clip
MaterialBody of cap: silicon tube; stainless (SUS304)
Pen type clip (SUS304)

Scale Up With An Automatic Watering System


In smaller studies, the Drinko Measurer sipper tube works with lab water bottles to supply water.

When expanding the facility or the experiment, labs often look to maximize resources by incorporating an automatic watering system into their animal housing.

Provide clean water all day and night with the Drinko Automatic Watering System.

Watch the video to see the Drinko
Automatic Watering System in Action.

Through a series of systems consisting of pressure regulation unit at water supply, aqua filters that purify supplied water by removing floating dust and impurities, and automatic watering valves the system supplies fresh water to lab animals.

With easy assembly and replaceable, high-quality metal parts, the Drinko Automatic Watering System supports a lab’s need for efficient, large-scale animal watering. Contact us to see how Drinko fits into your lab.

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Obtain accurate fluid intake measurements

Obtain accurate fluid intake measurements

The Drinko Measurer is one of our most simple products, but an extremely useful one for gathering precise measurements of liquid consumption in animal studies.

Whether your lab needs a couple mouse water bottles and sipper tubes, or a full-scale
automatic animal water system, Amuza is ready to support your setup. Let’s get started!