ELG-2: EEG and EMG data logger

A lightweight solution for EEG recording without tethers

  • Weighs as little as 2 grams – Great for mice!
  • Rechargeable and removable: No receivers/bases are required, so it works in any cage, rack, or maze/environment.
  • Data analysis (alpha, theta, and delta, power analysis, hypnogram plots) software is included with the system.
  • Low noise: amplifiers are very close to the electrodes, eliminating most electrical noise.
Task Forcer with Gonio Unit for Imaging

Simple Recording Using MicroSD

To record, insert a microSD card and a battery, then turn the logger on. Recording begins immediately.

Battery and Charger

The battery can be recharged using the included charger.
Small and large batteries are available for use with mice and rats, respectively.

Task Forcer with Stereotaxic Setup for Neural Recording
Task Forcer with Gonio Unit for Imaging

Electrode for EEG and EMG

  • Universal 1.27mm pitch 5pin connector.
  • Two screws for EEG, two silver wires for EMG, and one screw for GND.
  • Custom electrodes available.


The Data format is simple binary and is compatible with Matlab, Octave, and other software compatible with binary reading. Matlab sample codes are included in the package.

ELG-2 Software

Data analysis software is included in the ELG-2-Set package. It enables a quick overview of whole data, filtering, and simple analysis, e.g. FFT based alpha, theta, delta power calculation, and hypnogram plot.

EDF Converter Software

The binary data (.bin) can be converted to European Data Format (.edf) and text format (.txt) by EDF Converter, which is included in the ELG-2-Set package. Many commercial data analysis software packages are compatible with EDF format, including LabChart from ADI and SleepSign from Kissei.


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