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As the number of techniques and applications for microdialysis increases, researchers in neurochemistry require easy-to-use analytical instruments that perform reliably every time. Anything less results in unreliable data. Eicom microdialysis and neurochemical analysis systems provide a simple start to finish research experience which lets the researcher focus on the science.

A simple start to finish
research experience.

Featured Eicom Neurochemistry Products


Our compact, ready-to-use HPLC is the most reliable way to measure neurotransmitter levels, providing researchers with dependable data.

HPLC-ECD Component System

Our HPLC-ECD Component System, 700 Series, offers flexible expandability. We can add extra pumps and detectors to meet your needs.

HPLC Autosampler

Load hundreds of samples and let your autosampler derivatize and run them automatically.

Complete In Vivo Microdialysis System

Amuza can create your entire microdialysis system, to streamline and automate your project.

Microdialysis Probes

Microdialysis probes enable sampling of low molecular weight compounds from within the extracellular space of tissues.

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[Eicom HTEC HPLC-ECD] is amazing! I can’t imagine having done these projects without it We used the system daily for two years to measure acetylcholine without any real problems. It made my dissertation a much more pleasant experience!

Victoria Macht, Ph.D Student, Researcher
University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Read interview: http://amuzainc.com/blog/acetylcholine-neurochemical-involvement-in-gulf-war-illness/

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In the United States, Eicom neurochemistry products are sold and supported exclusively by Amuza Inc.

Eicom products for microdialysis and neurochemical analysis provide reliable, time-saving solutions to help improve the quality of research.