Neurotransmitter Analysis

Products and Services for Neurochemistry

Complete In Vivo Microdialysis System

Amuza has the capability to develop a complete microdialysis system for you, streamlining and automating your project.

The Most Reliable HPLC-ECD

The compact, pre-assembled HPLC system we offer is the most dependable method for quantifying neurotransmitter levels, ensuring researchers receive reliable data.

CRO Sample Analysis

Opting for external services to handle the detection and analysis of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin can offer a cost-efficient solution.

HPLC-ECD Component System

Our 700 Series HPLC-ECD system offers adaptable expandability, letting you add pumps and detectors to meet your specific needs.

HPLC Autosampler

“Effortlessly load a large number of samples and have your autosampler perform automatic derivatization and running.

At Amuza, we offer our customers expert-level support to ensure they can maximize the potential of our neurochemistry and neurochemical analysis products. Our products are thoughtfully designed, come with detailed instructions, and include lifelong customer support, all of which instill confidence in our customers.

Neurotransmitter Detection

Neurochemical analysis often involves employing a neurotransmitter detection approach. HPLC-ECD has proven indispensable in studies necessitating meticulous neurochemistry monitoring, such as dopamine in pain research and Glu/GABA in alcoholism and addiction.

Price comparison of 3 Neurotransmitter Detection Methods.

HPLC-ECD, The Most Reliable Way to Measure Neurotransmitter Levels

HPLC-ECD offers dependable quantification of neurotransmitter levels in microdialysate, tissue, biological fluids, and various samples. It provides easily interpretable data, even when measuring multiple analytes concurrently, delivering absolute concentration values instead of just relative changes from baseline. Moreover, this technique exhibits exceptional sensitivity with LODs in the sub-femtomole range.

To read more about why Amuza recommends using an HPLC-ECD, read our blog, ‘Benefits of Using an HPLC-ECD for Neurotransmitter Detection’.

HPLC Lease

Leasing Program

Get started running the analysis of neurotransmitters with a monthly HPLC-ECD leasing program.

Bringing Researchers the Best Neurochemical Analysis Products from Around the World

Amuza Inc. is dedicated to delivering neuroscientists around the globe with the most dependable, off-the-shelf solutions. Eicom, with over three decades of experience in crafting HPLC equipment tailored for neuroscientists, has played a significant role in our mission. Our ability to offer comprehensive technical support for all our analytical applications stems from their extensive development and testing in Eicom’s laboratory.

Alongside offering top-notch research products, our team of scientists is at your service throughout your research endeavor. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or concerns regarding how our products and services align with your research objectives.