HPLC Autosampler “INSIGHT”


  • The refrigerated sample compartment is enclosed. This virtually eliminates condensation problems.
  • Picks up 10 µl out of 12 µl or less with ease.
  • Integration with Clarity. Our standard data acquisition software. Also compatible with other software.
  • 2 x 96-well plates capacity. Low profile or deep well plates, in addition to a variety of vial sizes.
  • Robust design ensures maintenance-free operation for a long time.
  • Pre-column derivatization techniques.
  • Consistency. Always get the maximum sensitivity from our HPLC systems
  • Dramatically increase productivity. Focus on more important work while you collect HPLC data.
  • Overnight data acquisition.
    Faster data turnaround; collect data while you sleep. Streamline your process and save valuable time.

Autosamplers increase the precision of HPLC data and easily handle OPA derivatization methods. Why not let the reliable HLPC INSIGHT autosampler inject your samples while you focus on more important things?

Your time is valuable.

96 Well Plates, Advanced Refrigeration, PC Operation and More

The HPLC INSIGHT autosampler is fully programmable from Eicom’s standard data acquisition software, Powerchrom, and also works with EZ Chrom and Clarity. Complicated tasks can be easily programmed from a PC using methods supplied by Eicom (only with Powerchrom).
The 96 well plate format means less time and labor moving samples between equipment. There is no need to label all the vials separately and no chance of mixing up the sample order. Insight also carries 300 µl-vials, commonly used for microdialysis.

For Microdialysis Users

The sample volumes are always limited, and the concentration of target compounds is often low. We frequently encounter researchers who avoid using autosamplers for fear of losing some of the samples and then not being able to detect their target compounds. Well, fear no more, Eicom’s HPLC INSIGHT autosampler allows the injection of 10 µl out of 12, or even 11 µl, samples. Eicom HPLC-ECD systems offer superior sensitivity. Now you can add the INSIGHT autosampler and be assured that you are not going to sacrifice one bit of that impressive sensitivity.


Sample Capacity2 standard microtiter plates, 12 wells to 384 wells
Cooling4°C to room temperature by convection across Peltier cooler
Special FeaturesIntegrated 200 mL wash bottle, plate/vial detection, head pressure
Syringe500 µl (standard)
Sample Loop100 µl (standard)
Wetted SurfacesFEP (tubing), passivated stainless steel (needle), PEEK (injection valve
SoftwareDownload Demo
CommunicationSerial RS232C (USB with adaptor)
I/O SignalsProgrammable relay outputs and TTL inputs

The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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