HPLC-ECD Component System, 700 Series



  • Maximum flexibility
  • Multiple pumps and detectors
  • Dual electrode
  • Pulse-free pump

ECD-700 Electrochemical Detector

  • Add an ECD to any HPLC system
  • Two cells per detector possible
  • Amperometric or coulometric cells
  • Dual electrode

EP-700 Pump Unit

  • Pulse quenching by on-board computer control
  • No pulse damper is necessary
  • Two-channel degasser included
  • Gradient control built-in

ATC-700 Temperature Controller

  • Provides most stable retention times and detector signals
  • Performs at room temperature because of its ability to both heat and cool.

Expandability is the keyword for the 700 Series. Extra pumps and detectors can be added as necessary. The standard configuration includes the ECD-700 detector, the EP-700 pump unit, and the ATC-700 temperature control unit.

-Ultra-High Sensitivity + Expandability For Your Application Development of ECD

Eicom HPLC-ECD systems have established a reputation for reliability, ultra-high sensitivity, and stability. Now, the ECD component, ECD-700, can generate different DC applied potentials on two working electrodes in a single cell or two different types of cells, amperometry, and coulometry. This expandability will make it easy to transplant the established electrochemical applications from an existing system in order to acquire Eicom’s robust analytical solutions with sensitivity and stability*. The pump component, EP-700, has two on-line degasser lines and carries one or two independent pumps. Thus, it is possible to parallel two different analytical applications on a single 700 system or run an analytical application with a gradient mode. Simply the new Eicom 700 series has a lot of expandability to match your desire to develop new analytical applications.

*Non optimized LC system for the ECD will lower the performance of Eicom products

The 700 system comprises three modules:

Eicom provides this new lineup either as a total system or as separate components. If you would like to add Eicom’s ECD technology to your HPLC system, the new ECD-700 HPLC-ECD sysyemis the right choice for you.

Electrochemical Detector, ECD-700

Standard Features

  • Superior sensitivity and stability of Eicom’s electrochemical detector technology.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Maximized up-time.
  • One amperometric electrochemical detector cell with a constant voltage configuration using the same type of flow cell as the HTEC HPLC-ECD system.
  • Materials for working electrode; graphite, pure graphite, glassy carbon, platinum, gold, silver.
  • Easy access to the working electrode.

Available Options

  • The temperature of the electrochemical flow cell can be regulated using model ATC-700. If you require the best performance of the ECD-700, please use the ECD-700 with the ATC-700.
  • Switches to dual working electrodes without changing the standard amperometric cell with a common reference and counter electrode without changing circuit boards.
  • Either an additional one amperometric cell with a single working electrode or one coulometric cell with a single working electrode. This option requires an additional circuit board.

Please consult with us concerning your intended application for the electrochemical detector and your current LC system, we are happy to provide insight. Some of the ECD-700’s excellent performance may be lost when used with LC systems not optimized for the ECD-700. To get the best stability of the Eicom electrochemical detector, consider setting up with the ATC-700.

Pump System, EP-700

Standard Features

  •  No pulsation damper is necessary and a computerized pulsation quenching system is equipped.
  • Online degassing unit with 2 channels included.
  • Optional extra pump; in total, 2 pumps can be built in for either a gradient mode or two isocratic modes.
  • Select from two models, micro-flow type and high flow type, depending on the flow rate. See below.


  • Reciprocal dual piston pump
  • Recommended usage range of flow rate:
    – High flow type 0.5 to 3.00 mL/min with 0.01 mL/min increments
    – Microflow type 100 to 500 µL/min with 1 µL/min increment
  • Degassing chamber volume: 300 µL x 2 channels
  • Dimension: 400 (w) x 400 (d) x 190 (h) mm
  • Weight: about 13 kg with one pump, about 16 kg with two pumps.
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA

The EP-700 is an HPLC Pump System. It has ultra-high sensitivity, superior stability and adapts to various purposes. From Microdialysis Analysis with a laboratory animal to general analysis.

The EP-700 is one device that comprises the HPLC Electrochemical Detection system model. It delivers the highest performance system architecture along with the Eicom Electrochemical Detector (ECD) ECD-700 and Temperature Controller ATC-700.

It has a high sensitivity liquid delivery pump, and degasser. In the EP-700, two different pumps may be mounted. The micro-flow rate pump, or the high-flow rate pump. The EPC-500 can control each pump independently or it can use both pumps to create a high-pressure gradient. The pump in the EP-700 has self-learning to pulsate flow control, which ensures stable liquid delivery.

The EP-700 is inert, with non-metallic parts inside. This creates a superior environment for maintaining a low and stable signal from an electrochemical detector.

Temperature Controller, ATC-700

Standard Features

  • Works to control the temperature of the columns and ECD flow cells.
  • The built-in program observes a 0.05°C difference and controls the temperature.
  • Capacity for two 25 cm columns.



  • Air circulation system with Peltier element for cooling and heating
  • Setting Range: 15 to 55°C
  • Recommended Range: 20 to 45°C at 25°C ambient
  • Dimension: 400 (w) x 400 (d) x 145 (h) cm
  • Weight: about 10 kg
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 210 VA



Electrochemical Cell Amperometric with 3 electrode DC potentiostat (standard); space for an optional second cell
Second Cell (Optional) Coulometric or amperometric
Working Electrode Graphite composite (standard), glassy carbon, pure graphite, platinum, gold, silver
Optional Dual Electrode Glassy carbon, graphite composite (both due a shared reference)
Reference Electrode Ag/AgCl
Counter Electrode 316 stainless steel
Applied Voltage Range -2000 mV to +2000 mV, 1 mV increments
Auto Zero Function Between -1000 nA and +1000 nA; triggered by external input


Pressure Limit 20 MPa
MicroFlow Pump 100-500 µL/min, 1 µL increment, 4 µL/stroke
High Flow Pump 0.5-3.0 mL/min, 0.01 mL increments, 32 µL/stroke
Wetted Surfaces PEEK, Sapphire, Ruby, PCFTE
Special Features Gradient control built-in, input signal for start/stop
Built-in Degasser 2 channels: 300 µL volume/ea, up to 3.0 mL/min


Temperature Range 15-55°C, 1°C increment, 20-45°C (recommended range)
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.05°C

The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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