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HPLC for Neuroscience

HPLC-ECD (HPLC with electrochemical detection) is the most reliable way to measure neurotransmitter levels in microdialysate, tissue, biological fluids, and other samples. The data is very easy to interpret, even when you are measuring multiple analytes simultaneously. You get absolute values for concentration, as opposed to just relative changes from baseline. The technique is also exquisitely sensitive, with sub-femtomole limits of detection (LOD).
Because of this, HPLC-ECD has become invaluable for studies requiring careful monitoring of neurochemistry, such as dopamine in pain research and Glu/GABA in alcoholism and addiction studies.

Eicom has been building HPLC equipment specifically for neuroscientists for over 30 years. Our belief is when analytical instruments are made correctly, their reliability, sensitivity, and simplicity coexist and create the best user experience and optimal results. This principle has led Eicom to become a world leader in electrochemical detectors and HPLC systems for neuroscientists.

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