Speedy, Slim, Light Micropipette NEXTY-S Single Channel

Watson pipette’s new innovative design is far lighter and easier to maneuver, making it easy to direct and use for longer intervals.

  • Turbo dial system rapidly and easily changes pipetting volume (3.5 times faster).
  • Easy to grip. It’s ergonomically designed to work with all hand sizes.
  • Light stroke, less fatigue. Easy handling reduces repetitive stress on the thumb.


Task Forcer with Gonio Unit for Imaging

Triple Speed Turbo Dial

One rotation is equal to 3.5 rotations of the push-button dial. It is very convenient when making large volume changes. 

Easy to Use Push-button!

A precise volume setting dial for accurate minimum scale setting. (1/1000)

Task Forcer with Stereotaxic Setup for Neural Recording
Spout Lever with Adapter (Max stroke: 18.8 mm; Min torque: 2 g)

Slim Body, Easy to Grasp

Thanks to its slim body it is easy to grasp and realizes stable dispensing.

Nexty-s line of micropipettes

7 models of Single Channel Pipettes to cover the full volume range from 0.2 μL to 5000 μL