Neurotransmitter Analysis

Neurochemistry is the branch of neuroscience that focuses on the chemicals generated by and which influence the nervous system: neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, neuropeptides, amino acids, and others. Amuza specializes in microdialysis sampling, HPLC-ECD analysis, and fiber photometry. Amuza’s neurotransmitter analysis products and services enable researchers to create highly accurate, time-resolved snapshots of multiple neurochemicals in virtually any region of the brain, continuing to advance the discoveries of neurochemistry.


Products and Services for Neurochemistry

Complete In Vivo Microdialysis System

Amuza can create your entire microdialysis system, to streamline and automate your project.

The Most Reliable HPLC-ECD

Our compact, ready-to-use HPLC is the most reliable way to measure neurotransmitter levels, providing researchers with dependable data.

CRO Sample Analysis

Outsourcing your dopamine, serotonin, and other neurotransmitter detection and analysis can be a cost-effective solution.

HPLC-ECD Component System

Our HPLC-ECD Component System, 700 Series, offers flexible expandability. Extra pumps and detectors can be added to meet your needs.

HPLC Autosampler

Load hundreds of samples and let your autosampler derivatize and run them automatically.

Wireless Fiber Photometry

Obtain precise real-time measurements of neural circuits during operant conditioning with TeleFipho wireless fiber photometry.

Amuza customers are provided expert-level support. With simply designed products, meticulous instruction, and customer support for the life of the instrument, we instill confidence in our customers that they can use our neurochemistry and neurochemical analysis products to their highest potential.

Neurotransmitter Detection

Neurochemical analysis can be done using a neurotransmitter detection method. HPLC-ECD has become invaluable for studies requiring careful monitoring of neurochemistry, such as dopamine in pain research and Glu/GABA in alcoholism and addiction studies.

Price comparison of 3 Neurotransmitter Detection Methods.

HPLC-ECD, The Most Reliable Way to Measure Neurotransmitter Levels

HPLC-ECD reliably measures neurotransmitter levels in microdialysate, tissue, biological fluids, and other samples. Data from an HPLC-ECD is easy to interpret, even when you are measuring multiple analytes simultaneously. You get absolute values for concentration, as opposed to just relative changes from baseline. The technique is also exquisitely sensitive, with sub-femtomole limits of detection (LOD).

To read more about why Amuza recommends using an HPLC-ECD, read our blog, ‘Benefits of Using an HPLC-ECD for Neurotransmitter Detection’.

HPLC Lease

Leasing Program

Get started running the analysis of neurotransmitters with a monthly HPLC-ECD leasing program.

Bringing Researchers the Best Neurochemical Analysis Products from Around the World

Amuza Inc is committed to bringing neuroscientists the most reliable, ready-to-use products from anywhere in the world. Eicom has been building HPLC equipment specifically for neuroscientists for over 30 years. At Amuza, we are able to provide technical support for all of our analytical applications because they were developed and tested extensively in Eicom’s lab.

Unlock Discoveries with Amuza as Your Research Partner

We’re proud of our research partners! Check out this study where researchers quantified levels of biogenic monoamines, including dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin, and their major metabolites using our HPLC-ECD.

When analytical instruments are made correctly, their reliability, sensitivity, and simplicity coexist and create the best user experience and optimal results.

Mice with mutations in Trpm1, a gene in the locus of 15q13.3 microdeletion syndrome, display pronounced hyperactivity and decreased anxiety-like behavior.

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