Behavioral Neuroscience
Products Designed to Improve Testing Conditions

For consistently replicable results


Working with research animals can be challenging and time-consuming. O’Hara behavioral testing products provide data you can rely on. Designed to be compatible with neuroscience research testing needs.

O’Hara Products for Behavioral Neuroscience


Spend less time training with the faster, simpler tool for operant behavior conditioning.

Automate Mice Training

Teach mice to perform voluntary head-restriction by automating the learning process.

Touch Panel Operant System

Our infrared sensors greatly improve the accuracy of recorded touch responses because there is no minimum force required to detect a response.

Design Your Own Modular Maze

Discover how to transition seamlessly between DIY modular maze configurations to meet your experiment goals.

Accurate Measurements of Fluid Intake

The Drinko-Measurer is our simple solution for precise measurements of liquids during animal research studies.

Partners in Research

In the United States, O’Hara’s behavioral neuroscience products are sold and supported exclusively by Amuza Inc.

O’Hara products for behavioral testing help improve the quality of research. Through simplicity in design, O’Hara products set researchers up for more accurate data and dependable results.