Behavioral Neuroscience

The Mission for Behavioral Neuroscience

Amuza is a U.S.-based partner of O’Hara for the North American region to break language and cultural barriers thus providing knowledge, training, and ongoing support of O’Hara products to the hands of researchers.

Since its inception, O’Hara has been playing a key function in behavioral testing for the creation of reliable results. O’Hara’s mission is to improve the quality of research to give more accurate data and consistent results by providing good behavioral equipment.

As an example, head-fixation can draw into question results regarding reproducibility since there is no standard protocol and can vary based on external factors by the handler. By automating the process through voluntary head-fixation, results are easier to replicate as protocols can be shared between labs. Thus, O’Hara developed the platform. By automating the mouse head fixation process, mice can voluntarily learn under lower stress and the benefit of time-saving for the researcher.

The products speak for themselves in reliability and accuracy. A researcher needs to rely on results in animal studies to move forward. Reliable data in animal studies allow potent therapies to progress forward.

Behavioral Neuroscience Products

Importance of Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral neuroscience is critical for the understanding of the impact of cognitive biological functions on behavior. Through behavioral neuroscience, we can better understand disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, clinical depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and others. By understanding the underlying biological conditions of these disorders, we can use that knowledge to seek treatment to cure or minimize the devastating impact they have on society. As treatments are sought, it’s critical to get good data and employ objective research regarding using animal models and relying on the results to move forward. The challenge remains to deconvolute a complex system such as brain cognition.

Research into animal behavior offers insight by using behavioral equipment. Behavioral equipment spans a variety of fields and includes operant testing systems, mazes, conditioned taste aversion tests, social interactions, open field tests, social activity, conditioned behavior tests, and others. However, if not performed properly, results from these behavioral tests can vary. O’Hara, a Japanese developer and manufacturer, specializes in this type of equipment and can create custom systems based on the need of the researcher.

Here’s what to expect should you decide to move forward with acquiring our products: We will be in touch with you to understand your needs and work with you to create a system tailored to your requirements. Before issuing a quote, it’s important for us that you understand what we include in the pricing. We want to ensure you are making an educated decision regarding what you are getting for the price we can offer. If you decide to move forward, we can send the quote to purchasing or a grant proposal. Once we receive the order, the turnaround time is typically about 4 weeks. They make the equipment as it is ordered and quality inspected before leaving the factory. Once it is received at our U.S. facility, it is quality inspected again before shipping to you.

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