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Semi-Restraining System

TaskForcer: Essential for in-vivo electrophysiology and imaging with streamlined operant-behavior conditioning for faster, consistent results in research.

Automate Mice Training

The automated system enhances rodent behavior precision and efficiency by teaching mice voluntary head restriction through a streamlined learning process.

Accurate Touch Responses

Enhancing touch response accuracy, our infrared sensors can detect responses without the need for a minimum force threshold.

Design Your Own Modular Maze

Learn how to effortlessly switch between do-it-yourself modular maze setups to align with your research objectives.

Design Tasks with Ease

Easily create and implement tasks with our user-friendly Operant TaskStudio software package.

Accurate Measurements of Fluid Intake

The Drinko-Measurer offers a straightforward solution for accurate liquid measurements in animal research studies.

Unlock Precise Data with Tailored Behavioral Neuroscience Tools

In the pursuit of insights into conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and depression, dependable data is paramount. Reliable animal models are the path to understanding these disorders and mitigating their societal impact.

Previously training a mouse under head-fixation took me about 15 hours! Now with the platform, we have cut training time down to an hour and a half.

Dr. Andrea Benucci

RIKEN Center for Brain Science

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Amuza Inc is dedicated to providing neuroscientists with dependable, globally-sourced products. O’Hara’s 40-year legacy in enhancing the reliability of behavioral neuroscience testing data.

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Customization Process
  1. We will put you in contact with a neuroscience equipment expert to understand your needs.
  2. We will work with you to create a system tailored to and compatible with your research experiment.
  3. With those tailored requirements in mind, we will help you fully understand what equipment is needed to get your results. We find providing remarkable transparency and clarity on scientific equipment helps you make an educated decision in line with your budgetary needs.
  4. We will provide you with a custom quote. Your quote can be sent to purchasing or a grant proposal.
  5. Stay in touch! If you have any changing needs for equipment customization or funding adjustments, we’re with you to answer questions.
  6. Once we receive the order, the turnaround time is typically about 4 weeks. The equipment is made as it is ordered and quality inspected before it reaches you.
  7. As part of the Amuza community, we provide exceptional customer support and resources to make sure you get the most out of your equipment. Welcome to Amuza, we can’t wait to see your discoveries!

In addition to providing world-class research products, our team of scientists is here to serve you throughout your research project. Let us know what you may have questions about how our products fit into your research.