Touch Panel Operant System

Maximize Data Yield & Boost Mouse Responses

Unlock the power of behavioral neuroscience with our Touch Panel Operant System.
Provoke audio-cue-based responses from mice in exchange for rewards,
reliably acquiring more data with our innovative design.

Revolutionize Your Research with the Touch Panel Operant System: An Overview

Key Features

Efficient Mouse Responses
Keep mice focused with highly palatable pellets, ensuring every touch counts towards your data collection.

120 Responses/Hour
Our unique trapezoidal shape and touch panel design enable high response rates, maximizing your data yield.

In Vivo Neurophysiology
Integrate free-moving technology to monitor neuronal activity in real-time, expanding your research capabilities.

User-Friendly Operant Software
Configure ideal testing conditions effortlessly with our intuitive Operant TaskStudio Software bundle.

Amuza’s Touch Panel Operant System offers unparalleled efficiency and ease of use,
empowering researchers to achieve breakthroughs in behavioral neuroscience.
Request a quote today and revolutionize your research!

For more information, visit the Touch Panel page.

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