Touch Panel Operant System

With this chamber system, you can run a variety of operant tests using the same system giving you more flexibility with your experiments.

Additionally, we’ve combined unique IR sensor technology with the touch screen method to improve the accuracy of touch responses during operant rodent behavior.

  • Improve the reliability of your data, IR sensor technology improves touch sensitivity.
  • Increase your data efficiency with fully automated hardware and software.
  • Compatible with neural recording techniques.
Touch Panel Operant System

Touch screen methods have become both an efficient and powerful tool to test cognition and other operant behaviors in mice and rats because you can easily run a variety of operant tasks with the same chamber. Our Touch Panel operant conditioning chamber is fully automated with unique infrared (IR) sensors located at the top right and top left corners of the 15-inch touch screen. The IR sensors greatly improve the accuracy of recorded touch responses because there is no minimum force required to detect a response. Additionally, with the Operant TaskStudio software, users can easily create their own operant behavior tests and switch between a variety of different tasks within a single session.

Mice Learn Voluntary Head-Fixation
Our Recommended Tasks for the Touch Panel System


Task Forcer with Gonio Unit for Imaging

The touch screen contains infrared (IR) sensors at the top right and left corners of the screen that are sensitive enough to pick up. These sensors require no minimum force be applied to detect a response so that even nose poke’s from small rodents will be detected

The unique trapezoidal versus square design allows the animal to better focus on the screen and therefore task in front of them allowing for quicker more efficient learning.

Head-fixation unit

The touch panel operant chamber is compatible with in vivo neurophysiology methods.

Learn how you can combine the Touch Panel with our wireless optogenetics and fiber photometry systems.

Spout Lever with Adapter (Max stroke: 18.8 mm; Min torque: 2 g)

See the Touch Panel Operant System in action.


Ayabe, T., Ohya, R., & Ano, Y. (2020). β-lactolin, a whey-derived glycine―threonine―tryptophan―tyrosine lactotetrapeptide, improves prefrontal cortex-associated reversal learning in mice. Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry84(5), 1039-1046.

Ayabe, T., Ohya, R., & Ano, Y. (2019). Hop-Derived Iso-α-Acids in Beer Improve Visual Discrimination and Reversal Learning in Mice as Assessed by a Touch Panel Operant System. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience13, 67.

Parts and Accessories




Response speed: 10 msec (100 point/sec)
Interface: USB 1.1 or more
Power: 5V USB bus power (around 1.5W)
Accessory: sensitivity adjustment driver
Size – touch surface: 335 (W) x 255 (H) mm
Size – whole: 356 (W) x 310 (D) x 8 (t) mm

Blog Entries

Precise Touch Operant Training

Precise Touch Operant Training

What is unique about our chambers is that they contain infrared sensors located at the top of the touchscreen itself that improve the accuracy of touch responses from small rodents.

Our Recommended Tasks for the Touch Panel System

Our Recommended Tasks for the Touch Panel System

If you are new to behavioral neuroscience, choosing the right behavioral test for your experiment can be a challenging task. Luckily our touch panel operant conditioning chambers are extremely flexible.