Touch Panel Operant System

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More Data Everyday

Provoke audio-cue-based responses from the mice in exchange for a reward using the Touch Panel Operant System. Reliably acquire more data due to the combination of the Touch Panel Operant Chamber’s IR sensor touch panel, palatable pellets, and unique trapezoidal shape.

More Focus and Responses

Keep the mice focused without downtime by using the operant chamber’s highly palatable pellets which take roughly 1 second to consume. Due to this, you can prevent the mice from forgetting about the task while they claim their reward. The combination of the pellets and unique trapezoidal shape allow you to count up to 120 responses per hour

Touch Panel System Trapezoidal Shape

Every Touch Counts

Obtain complete data with our IR sensor touch panel. Rely on the panel’s IR sensors, located top right and top left of the panel, to record even the smallest touch from the mice.

In Vivo Neurophysiology Compatibility

Integrate free-moving technology during your operant conditioning and monitor neuronal activity in real time. Your ability to obtain 120 responses per hour leads to an increase in recorded neuronal activity data you would otherwise be unable to obtain.


While monitoring neuronal activity, you can provide your mice freedom within the operant chamber using Amuza’s wireless optogenetics headstage.  Amuza’s wireless optogenetics system uses optic probes to bring the LED to the desired brain region while keeping the electronics outside. 

Spout Lever with Adapter (Max stroke: 18.8 mm; Min torque: 2 g)

Configure your Ideal Conditions

Create your ideal operant behavior testing conditions using our included Operant TaskStudio Software. No programming knowledge is required. You can create your conditions simply by dragging icons into the workspace and assigning them properties.

Operant TaskStudio comes as a bundle of two software programs: The Trial Builder for designing your tasks, and Trial Executor for executing tasks.

Video Resources

Revolutionize Your Research with the Touch Panel Operant System: An Overview

See the Touch Panel Operant System in action.


Ayabe, T., Ohya, R., & Ano, Y. (2020). β-lactolin, a whey-derived glycine―threonine―tryptophan―tyrosine lactotetrapeptide, improves prefrontal cortex-associated reversal learning in mice. Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry84(5), 1039-1046.

Ayabe, T., Ohya, R., & Ano, Y. (2019). Hop-Derived Iso-α-Acids in Beer Improve Visual Discrimination and Reversal Learning in Mice as Assessed by a Touch Panel Operant System. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience13, 67.

Parts and Accessories




Response speed: 10 msec (100 point/sec)
Interface: USB 1.1 or more
Power: 5V USB bus power (around 1.5W)
Accessory: sensitivity adjustment driver
Size – touch surface: 335 (W) x 255 (H) mm
Size – whole: 356 (W) x 310 (D) x 8 (t) mm

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