Revolutionize Your Neuroscience Research with Wireless Optogenetics

Experience Unmatched Precision and Flexibility in Neural Circuit Studies

 Our system is designed to simplify complex experiments while providing precise control over neural activity, empowering you to unlock new insights into the brain’s inner workings.

Teleopto Wireless Optogenetics System Introduction

Key Features

Streamlined Technology
Seamlessly integrate wireless LED light sources with implantable optic fibers for hassle-free experimentation.

Precision Control
Manage stimulation signals with our infrared remote control, ensuring accurate manipulation of neural activity in various animal models.

Flexibility in Experimentation
Scale up your studies effortlessly with lightweight, head-mounted receivers, allowing for exploration in diverse experimental setups.

Dedicated Support
Access downloadable resources and personalized assistance from our team to overcome any challenges and maximize your research potential.

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Optogenetics arose from a need to control individual subpopulations of cells in a specific region of the brain at a specific time in order to accurately and precisely probe neural circuits.

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