Modular Maze System: The Free Maze

What makes the Free Maze unique is that each part is reconfigurable, allowing you to transition seamlessly between DIY modular maze configurations and giving you the ultimate flexibility.

  • Design your modular maze to your specifications.
  • Easily reconfigure mazes for a variety of different tasks. Examples include the t-maze, w-maze, plus maze, radial arm maze, and figure 8 maze.
  • Build mazes of increased complexity by simply adding more corridors.
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With the Free Maze system for mice and rats, researchers can design unique modular mazes to their specifications. The Free Maze comprises individual corridor components that can be easily reconfigured into a variety of different maze types. Build upon mazes by simply adding more corridors. Mazes can be assembled with increasing complexity depending on the experimenter’s goal.

Unlock a world of possibilities with the revolutionary Modular Maze System - the Free Maze. This unique system offers unrivaled flexibility, enabling researchers like you to design and configure mazes according to your specific requirements. Say goodbye to rigid setups and welcome the freedom to create mazes tailored to your experiments.

Seamless Reconfiguration for Maximum Versatility

The Free Maze's individual corridor components are easily reconfigurable, allowing you to effortlessly switch between maze designs. Adapt your maze for a variety of different tasks without the hassle of rebuilding from scratch. Embrace the ultimate flexibility and optimize your research process with ease.

Expand Complexity with a Maze Makeover

Enhance your experiments by building mazes of increasing complexity. Assemble intricate rat and mice mazes by effortlessly adding more corridors. The Free Maze empowers you to create dynamic environments for your subjects, opening new avenues for discovery.

Build Your Maze Components for Uniqueness

Every research project is distinct, we get that. Craft your maze from the ground up, hand-picking components to suit your precise research needs. Our comprehensive range of maze components is sold separately, giving you the freedom to create a maze that reflects your vision.

O'Hara Free Maze: Designed for Researchers, by Researchers

At O'Hara, we believe in empowering researchers with cutting-edge tools that drive innovation. The Free Maze is designed to elevate your research, offering the flexibility and versatility you need to make breakthrough discoveries.

Step into the future of maze experimentation with the Free Maze. Unleash your creativity, break free from limitations, and embark on a journey of endless possibilities. Discover the true potential of your research with the Free Maze - the Modular Maze System reimagined for the modern researcher.


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