Self Head-Restraining System

The system teaches mice to perform voluntary head restriction by automating the learning process, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of head-restricted rodent behavior.

  • Mice learn voluntary head restriction in as little as two weeks
  • The automated learning process removes experimenter bias and reduces experimenter labor
  • Train up to 4 mice per day with a single platform

How the Self-Head Restraining System Works
The self-head-restraining platform automates the entire mouse head-restriction process through operant training principles. Mice are guided to walk through a narrowing corridor and into a head-latching stage that lowers by gravity. Once latched, mice can receive timed water rewards for the rest of the session. By attaching to the home cage, mice have extended access to the platform to learn voluntary head-restriction under lower stress conditions. This also reduces experimenter time and labor, allowing you to begin head-restrained training procedures much sooner.

The Self Head-Restraining System offers a streamlined approach to behavioral mice training for head-restrained tasks. Designed to simplify the learning process and minimize experimenter labor, this system provides a more efficient and stress-free training experience for both researchers and mice.

Efficient Learning Process: Accelerate Training Times

With the Self Head-Restraining System, mice quickly learn voluntary head-restriction in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. By automating the training process through operant training principles, mice are guided through a narrowing corridor and into a head-latching stage. The platform encourages voluntary head-fixation, allowing mice to adapt at their own pace and reducing the need for lengthy habituation periods.

Simplified Workflow: Reduce Experimenter Labor

Simplify your workflow and reduce the labor-intensive aspects of head-restrained training procedures. The Self Head-Restraining System eliminates the need for constant supervision, as mice have continuous access to the platform when attached to their home cage. This independent learning approach reduces experimenter labor, freeing up time for data analysis and experimental design.

Seamless Integration: Create a Low-Stress Environment

Integrate the Self Head-Restraining System seamlessly into your research environment. By attaching to the home cage, it creates a low-stress setting where mice can learn comfortably. The system ensures precise head-fixation, facilitating accurate data collection, while the weight scale unit provides automatic weight measurement. Additionally, the customizable Spout Lever and Adapter allow for tailored configurations to suit specific experimental needs.

Enhanced Experimental Control: Real-Time Neural Circuit Monitoring

Combine head-restrained behavioral assays with neural activity recording to gain deeper insights into brain function. The Self Head-Restraining System enables real-time monitoring of neural circuits during complex operant behavior, offering valuable data for studying brain activity. With precise head-fixation and reduced stress levels, researchers can obtain accurate measurements and explore the intricate workings of the brain.

Accelerate Your Research with the Self Head-Restraining System

Experience the benefits of automated behavioral mice training with the Self Head-Restraining System. Streamline your workflow, reduce training times, and enhance experimental control. By simplifying the learning process and providing mice with the ability to learn voluntary head-restriction, this system offers a more efficient and stress-free approach to head-restrained behavioral studies. Maximize your research potential and uncover new insights with the Self Head-Restraining System.


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