Self Head-Restraining System

The system teaches mice to perform voluntary head restriction by automating the learning process, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of head-restricted rodent behavior.

  • Mice learn voluntary head restriction in as little as two weeks
  • The automated learning process removes experimenter bias and reduces experimenter labor
  • Train up to 4 mice per day with a single platform
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How the Self-Head Restraining System Works
The self-head-restraining platform automates the entire mouse head-restriction process through operant training principles. Mice are guided to walk through a narrowing corridor and into a head-latching stage that lowers by gravity. Once latched, mice can receive timed water rewards for the rest of the session. By attaching to the home cage, mice have extended access to the platform to learn voluntary head-restriction under lower stress conditions. This also reduces experimenter time and labor, allowing you to begin head-restrained training procedures much sooner.


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