Semi Restraining System, TaskForcer

Spend less time training with the faster, simpler tool for operant behavior conditioning

When research animals are stressed or distracted, training can slow and your results are what will suffer variability. Unlike other systems that allow rodents to essentially “run free” while attempting to perform tasks at the same time, Amuza’s TaskForcer eliminates those distractions—and their effects on your data. Users can train rats and mice in just three days!

Spend less time training and achieve consistent results with the TaskForcer, a revolutionary semi-restraining system designed to streamline operant behavior conditioning. Unlike other systems that allow rodents to roam freely while attempting to perform tasks, the TaskForcer eliminates distractions and ensures focused training, leading to faster learning and reduced variability in results. Experience accelerated training with rats and mice in just three days!

Semi-Restraining System for Focused Training: Keep your research subjects solely focused on the task at hand with the TaskForcer’s body-restraining system.

Unique Spout-Lever for Combined Task and Reward: The TaskForcer features a unique spout-lever design that integrates the operandum and reward in a single device. This innovative combination simplifies the training process, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both researchers and animals.

Modular Design for Custom Configurations: Customize your training setup effortlessly with the TaskForcer’s modular design. Tailor the system to your specific research requirements, whether it involves neural imaging, recording, optogenetics, microdialysis, or behavioral studies. With a range of components and accessories available, including stimulus options, reward dispensing units, detection methods, and software interfaces, you have the flexibility to create a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Adjustable Base Mount for Precise Control: The TaskForcer provides precise control over the X, Y, and Z axes, ensuring optimal positioning and alignment during training sessions. This adjustability guarantees accurate and consistent data collection, enabling you to capture detailed insights into behavior.

Image Simultaneously with TaskForcer: Capture a comprehensive understanding of behavior by utilizing the TaskForcer’s capability to image simultaneously during training sessions. This integrated functionality allows for real-time monitoring and analysis, providing a deeper understanding of neural correlates and motor tasks.

Experience the freedom of customization and maximize the efficiency of your research animal training with the TaskForcer. Accelerate training timelines, simplify configurations, and achieve consistent results. With Amuza’s comprehensive range of components and accessories, including water-dispensing pumps, stimulation units, interfaces, multichannel output boxes, and the user-friendly Task Studio software, you have all the tools necessary to create your ideal training environment.

  • The Body-restraining system keeps subjects focused solely on
    the task
  • Unique spout-lever combines operant task and reward
  • Modular design allows for easy, custom, reproducible results
4 Steps to Customize your Research Animal Training Equipment
  1. Choose your stimulus.
    Whether the cue you need is sound, light, odor, visual… we’ve got you covered.
  2. Choose your reward.
    Our programmable supply unit dispenses a consistent shot of water or liquid solution.
  3. Choose your detection method.
    There’s licking detection. A lever unit. And our unique spout-lever combines the operandum and reward in the same device.
  4. Choose your output and software.
    Interfaces, output boxes (in both 8- and 16-channel), and our flexible Task Studio software provide all the options you need.


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