Touch Panel Operant System

With this chamber system, you can run a variety of operant tests using the same system giving you more flexibility with your experiments.
We’ve combined unique IR sensor technology with the touch screen method to improve the accuracy of touch responses during operant rodent behavior.

  • Improve the reliability of your data, IR sensor technology improves touch sensitivity.
  • Increase your data efficiency with fully automated hardware and software.
  • Compatible with neural recording techniques.

More Data Every Day: Acquire comprehensive behavioral data with ease using the Touch Panel Operant System. This advanced system combines the power of the Touch Panel Operant Chamber's IR sensor touch panel, palatable pellets, and unique trapezoidal shape, allowing you to reliably gather more data than ever before.

Provoke Responses with Precision: Provoke audio-cue-based responses from mice and enhance data acquisition using the Touch Panel Operant System. The combination of the system's IR sensor touch panel, palatable pellets, and trapezoidal shape ensures precise control and reliable results, leading to a deeper understanding of behavior.

More Focus, More Responses: Keep your research subjects focused and prevent downtime with the Touch Panel Operant System. The system's highly palatable pellets, which take roughly 1 second to consume, help maintain the mice's attention on the task at hand. The unique trapezoidal shape of the operant chamber further supports focus and allows for up to 120 responses per hour, maximizing the efficiency of your experiments.

Every Touch Counts: Capture even the smallest touches with the Touch Panel Operant System's IR sensor touch panel. Equipped with infrared sensors located at the top right and top left of the panel, every interaction with the mice is accurately recorded, providing you with complete and precise data for analysis.

In Vivo Neurophysiology Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate free-moving technology into your operant conditioning experiments with the Touch Panel Operant System. Monitor neuronal activity in real-time while obtaining up to 120 responses per hour, enabling you to unlock valuable insights that were previously unattainable. With the system's compatibility with Amuza's wireless optogenetics headstage, you can provide your mice with freedom within the operant chamber while precisely stimulating desired brain regions.

Configure Your Ideal Conditions: Create your ideal operant behavior testing conditions using the included Operant TaskStudio Software. With no programming knowledge required, simply drag and drop icons into the workspace and assign properties to design and execute tasks. Tailor your experimental setup effortlessly and optimize your research environment.

Unleash the power of the Touch Panel Operant System and unlock a deeper understanding of behavior. Experience precision, control, and reliability in your research as you acquire comprehensive data, make groundbreaking discoveries, and pave the way for advancements in behavioral science.


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