Enzyme Reactor, AC-Enzympak II


Acetylcholine Enzyme Reactor

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The AC-Enzympak II is an IMER (IMmobilized Enzyme Reactor) created for analysis of acetylcholine and choline levels in biological samples in conjunction with an HPLC-ECD system. Samples undergo a two-step process inside the IMER to convert acetylcholine to hydrogen peroxide, which can be detected by an electrochemical detector equipped with a platinum electrode.
Acetylcholine is first hydrolyzed to choline and acetic acid by acetylcholinesterase (ACHE). The choline is then oxidized by choline oxidase (ChOx) to yield betaine and two molecules of hydrogen peroxide.

The AC-Enzympak II has seven times the lifetime of our previous model reactor (AC-ENZYMPAK). The combination of this reactor with our unique mobile phase conditions reduces chromatography noise and consequently increased our sensitivity two-fold. Our original enzyme reactor had a 50% reduction in activity after one month of continuous mobile phase flow. The new AC-Enzympak II has only a 25% reduction of activity after 3 months of normal use without removal from the flow system.

The AC-Enzympak II is offered in two sizes and is suitable for use with microdialysate, tissue homogenate, and other biological sample types.

More information about HPLC-ECD analysis of acetylcholine


Immobilized Enzyme ColumnSample Capacity (ACh)Flow RateAC-Gel Separation Column
1 mm ø x 4 mm>5 pMol150 μl/min2.0 mm ø x 150 mm
3 mm ø x 4 mm> 100 pMol500 μl/min4.6 mm ø x 150 mm


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