Pipette Filter Tips

960 tips/unit | 5 units/case

A High-performance filter tip was developed to prevent contamination.
Watson brand Hyper-Filter Tips are equipped with a special hydrophobic porosity filter added. These filters prevent overflow due to human error, as well as contamination due to aerosol and DNA.

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  • Safe for use with valuable samples
    Hyper-Filter has excellent chemical resistance without elution, it is harmless on samples. Collected samples are safe to use.
  • Completely Stop Contamination
    Other brands of filter tips allow solutions to pass through their filters. Watson brand hyper-filter tip completely prevents overflow due to our highly dense filter.
  • Samples can be collected
    Samples can be collected after aspirating the solution right up to its filter and discharging.
  • New Hyper Filter
    Hyper Filter is dense enough to prevent overflow while maintaining the holes in the filter.


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