Peptide Microdialysis, PEP-X-0Y


AtmosLM probes 3 pcs/pk.

AtmosLM probes have a membrane of 1,000,000 Da MWCO (molecular weight cut off) to allow large molecules to go through. A vent in the probe prevents pressure inside the probe from exceeding atmospheric pressure and causing fluid leakage from the large pore membrane. A growing number of proteins have been successfully detected. These include: TNF-α, amyloid-ß, IL-6, Tau, BDNF and CRF. To remove the microdialysis sample from the probe, our roller pump, ERP-10, is required in addition to a syringe pump for infusion.

Membrane material polyethylene. 0.44 mm OD.
Shaft: 0.58 mm OD/0.5 mm ID

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