Online Autoinjector, EAS-20S


  • Automated sample collection from microdialysis systems.
  • Automated sample injection to the HPLC.
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Eicom’s Online Autoinjector, EAS-20s, has dual functions: automated microdialysis sample collection, and automated sample injection to HPLC. This allows for a hands-free analysis. The EAS-20s works for the analysis of acetylcholine, catecholamines, glutamate, and other compounds that use HPLC-Electrochemical Detection (ECD), and do not need precolumn derivatization. Instead of using a fraction collector and an autosampler, the sample gets collected into the sample loop of a valve and then applied to the HPLC system. The valve then switches back without back flush to the microdialysis line to collect the next sample during the chromatographic analysis. At the same time, the chance of auto-oxidation is also kept to a minimum because the samples get injected just after collection.
The autoinjector generates electrical contact signals to communicate with the HPLC system from a maximum of three terminals. All programs can easily be set using a detachable keypad, and you can store up to 9 files. You should adjust the collection period to be a bit longer than the analysis time. Choosing fast analysis applications on the HPLC is important to improve the throughput of microdialysis and Eicom provides those.


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