Syringe Pump, ESP-180LD

  • Intuitive touch panel operation.
  • Two syringe carriage with one motor drive.
  • Good for microdialysis and microinjection with 0.031 µm/step.
  • Select the diameter of the syringe and set the flow rate.
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The Eicom ESP-180LD infuse only dual syringe is ideal for applications where dual syringes are required with small volumes under 10 mL. It is the ultimate in precision flow delivery. It offers the most stable flow delivery of all the ESP products. It has a finer lead screw and a different pulley ratio from the ESP-101.
It offers multi-step programs, each with 50 steps. It easily displays syringe size and flow rate and the volume delivered and the elapsed time. It accommodates two syringes from 0.5 µL to 10 mL. Any type of syringe can be used in the unit including glass, plastic, and stainless steel.


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