Extra Small Brain Probe, DZ


Model DZ Microdialysis Probes, Good for Mice. D-I-X-0Y

Our smallest and lowest priced probe. 1.6 mm diameter x 6 mm tall body part.

  • Microdialysis membrane material is artificial cellulose “cuprophan”.
  • Use for acute studies on a stereotaxic apparatus. (If guides are necessary please use CX-I)
  • No guide cannula is available for this probe.
  • Molecular weight cut off (MWCO) is 50 kDa.

  • 1.6 mm diameter x 6 mm length of the body.
  • 0.22 mm outer diameter of the membrane.
  • Inlet and outlet connectors are attached to the probe. Works with JT-10 Tubing.

Microdialysis Probe Holder, ATH-02

  • Holds probe in the stereotaxic apparatus
Please indicate -X and -0Y value when you place an order.

  • “-X” indicates the shaft length
  • “-0Y” indicates the membrane length from body part to before the membrane.
  • If you intend to do experiment the next day, implant the DZ probe with fresh aCSF already inside, plug the inlet and outlet overnight, and then start perfusion in the morning just before your experiment. You could also start perfusing immediately at a very low rate (0.1 μl/min) and let it go overnight. Then simply turn up in the morning to begin the experiment.
  • If you want to do experiment the same day, start perfusing immediately after implantation. Experiment can typically be started after 2 hours of stabilization time.
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