Microinjection – Microdialysis Probe, MI-AZ-X-0Y


Probe with microinjection cannula, 1 each

Construction is based on AZ-X-Y type probe, but has a microinjection cannula along the outside of the probe shaft.

  • Injection cannula is made of fused silica.
  • Secure connection to the guide cannula.
  • Microdialysis membrane material is artificial cellulose.
  • Molecular weight cut off (MWCO) is 50 kDa.

  • 0.15 mm OD/ 0.075 mm ID for injection cannula.
  • 0.22 mm outer diameter of the membrane.
  • 0.38 mm outer diameter of the shaft which is the needle between body and membrane (microdialysis part only. Size does not include injection cannula).
  • 0.63 mm inlet and outlet needles. Works with most other brands of connectors.
  • Approx. 3 mm diameter (lower) and 2.5 mm (upper) diameter of the body part.
Please specify -X and -Y when you order.

  • “-X” indicates guide cannula length
  • “-Y” indicates membrane length.
  • Injection cannula terminates along side of the middle of the membrane unless you specify otherwise.
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