Flexible Concentric probe, TP-X-Y


  • Flexible shaft (from body to membrane) made with TFE (Teflon®).
  • 0.04 mm ID fused silica tubing inside the shaft to minimize dead volume.
  • Molecular weight (MW) cut off is at MW 50,000 with artificial cellulose.


  • Blood Vessels
  • Gastric Tissue
  • Intestinal Organs
  • Epidermal Tissue



  • 0.22 mm outer diameter of the membrane.
  • 0.6 mm outer diameter of the shaft, the needle part between body and membrane.
  • 0.3 mm inner diameter of the shaft.
  • 26 G cannula for inlet and outlet.
Please specify -X and -Y when you order.

  • “-X” indicates the length of TFE tube in mm.
  • “-Y” indicates the membrane length in mm

TP-100-10 is our most popular size.

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The TP – Flexible Concentric Probe is your indispensable tool for in-depth research in the areas of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Crafted with precision and designed for reliability, this probe empowers researchers like you to explore these intricate systems with confidence.

Featuring an artificial cellulose membrane with a 50,000 Da molecular weight cut-off (MWCO), the TP probe allows for selective filtration of molecules based on their size. This enables you to collect and analyze samples with precision, gaining valuable insights into the complex biological processes at play in blood vessels and the GI tract.

The TP probe’s optimized dimensions ensure optimal performance. With a membrane inner diameter (ID) of 200 µm and an outer diameter (OD) of 220 µm, this probe strikes the perfect balance between functionality and efficiency.

Crafted with a flexible TFE (Teflon®) shaft, the TP probe provides both durability and flexibility. The 0.6 mm outer diameter (OD) of the shaft enables smooth maneuverability, making your research procedures seamless and hassle-free.

For ease of integration, the TP probe features inlet and outlet connections with a 0.33 mm outer diameter (OD), equivalent to a 26 G needle. This standard sizing ensures compatibility with a wide range of laboratory equipment, allowing for seamless experimentation.

Ordering the TP – Flexible Concentric Probe is a breeze. Simply specify the desired probe dimensions during the ordering process. Use “X” to indicate the desired TFE tubing length, ranging from 10 to 200 mm. Use “Y” to specify the desired membrane length, which can be anywhere from 1 to 20 mm. The TP-100-10 size is the most popular choice, offering versatility and exceptional performance.


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