Linear Probe, OP-X-Y


Linear Microdialysis Probe for Peripheral Organs.

  • Flexible tubing made with polyethylene (PE-10)
  • Inside membrane is sustained by a platinum wire.
  • Molecular weight (MW) cut off is at MW 50,000 with artificial cellulose.

Applications: Intestinal Organs, Epidermal Tissues

Technical Information


Size Selection

Please specify -X and -Y when you order.

  • “-X” indicates the length of PE tube.
  • “-Y” indicates the membrane length.

OP-100-10 is our most popular size.

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Experience the power of the Linear Microdialysis Probe—a meticulously designed tool that unlocks valuable insights into the complexities of peripheral organs. Built with a focus on functionality and reliability.

The probe features flexible tubing made from polyethylene (PE-10), known for its durability and pliability. Its exceptional qualities enable seamless navigation through the intricate pathways of peripheral organs, facilitating the collection of vital data for your research.

Customization is key to tailoring the Linear Microdialysis Probe to your specific research needs. Simply indicate your desired length of the PE tube using the “-X” parameter when placing your order. Additionally, specify the membrane length using the “-Y” parameter to target specific regions within peripheral organs. This flexibility allows you to gather precise data and advance your research in a focused manner.

Among our available sizes, the OP-100-10 has gained recognition for its reliability and versatility. This size consistently delivers accurate results, making it a preferred choice for many researchers.

The Linear Microdialysis Probe is your trusted companion in the quest for understanding peripheral organs. Let it guide you as you navigate the intricate pathways, unlocking valuable insights that contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.


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