LED Array for Multiwell Plates, LEDA-x


Optogenetics has become popular for controlling animal behavior in-vivo, however, this technology has been applied for in-vitro cells or tissues for controlling gene expression. For this purpose, long-term and time-controlled light stimulation in a culture incubator are required. This full waterproof LED array fulfills all the requirements for the in-vitro optogenetics experiments. Designed for any commercial multi-well plates. It can be used together with 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96-well plates. Although it fits perfectly for a 96-well plate, each LED element comes just under each well.

Choose a standard color:
B: 470 nm / G: 530 nm / Y: 590 nm / R: 630 nm 

We also offer additional wavelengths, different array layouts, and different array sizes as custom options. See table below. 

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Here are some of the custom LED arrays we have created for researchers around the world. Please request a quote and we can create the array you need. Please tell us:

  1. The wavelength(s) you will use
  2. The layout of the plate (96-well, 6 well, etc.)
  3. The number of plates you would like to illuminate.
  4. Any special requests.


Product Code Model Description
E50.100.365 LEDA-365 LED Array 365nm
E50.100.420 LEDA-420 LED Array 420 nm
E50.100.450 LEDA-450 LED Array 450 nm
E50.100.530 LEDA-530 LED Array 530 nm
E50.100.550 LEDA-550 LED Array 550 nm
E50.100.635 LEDA-635 LED Array 635 nm
E50.100.660 LEDA-660 LED Array 660 nm
E50.100.670 LEDA-670 LED Array 670 nm
E50.100.730 LEDA-730 LED Array 730 nm
E50.100.740 LEDA-740 LED Array 740 nm
E50.100.850 LEDA-850 LED Array 850 nm
E50.100.940 LEDA-940 IR LED array 940 nm


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