Opto-Tetrode System


This Opto-Tetrode system enables neural recording during in-vivo optogenetic experiment. The OPTetrode consists of an optic fiber and a tetrode, bundled together making one integrated probe. OPTetrode has a connector for Teleopto receiver and another connector for head amplifier. Our 4ch head amplifier consists of extremely light body (0.3 g ) and thin cable, so in combination with the Teleopto 1 g receiver the total weight is still under 2 g. Perfect for mice.

OPTetrode-sys includes:

  • OPTR-c-l – OPTtetrode, 3 pcs
  • Teleopto-set – Teleopto Standard set
  • HAS-4 – 4ch Head Amplifier System (includes 1x main amp and 1x head amp)
  • SL-OPTR – Commutator for OPTetrode

* Data Recorder is optional

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