Optogenetic Place Aversion System


In this Optogenetic place Aversion (=OPA) test, the result does not depend on experimenters’ skill unlike the traditional Von-Frey test. In addition, you can evaluate pain sensory neuron-specifically (e.g. A-beta, A-delta, C fiber, etc.), by expressing ChR2 on specific neurons. Our OPA system uses 480 pieces of high power LED for each array so that enough light can reach sensory neurons under animal’s skin, thus enables non-invasive and objective test.

OPA-SYSTEM includes:

  • OPA-BOX – OPA test box
  • LAD-1-OPA – LED Array Driver for OPA x2
  • LEDA-B-OPA – LED Array for OPA, Blue
  • LEDA-Y-OPA – LED Array for OPA, Yellow
  • VTS-4 – Video Tracking Stimulator
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