Headstage with permanently programmed timer circuit instead of wireless reception.

OptoFlash Chronic Optogenetic Flasher was developed specially for chronic experiment. The flasher sits on mouse’s head and stimulates periodically by optogenetic light, typically 470 nm blue light (light color depends on LED cannula).

For example, you can stimulate for approx. 7 days if you use 0.5 s pulse width and 60 min period in medium light power (3 gram size). The battery life strongly depends on the pulse width, period and light power. You need to specify the pulse width and period when you place an order, and light power is adjustable by the volume on the flasher.

Please contact us with these details – we can tell you how long to expect the battery to last before you purchase.

We recommend you to have at least two flashers for longer experiment – one flasher is used for experiment and the other is charged during this, then you can swap the flasher after the buttery run-out of the first flasher. By keeping this cycle you can unlimitedly keep the stimulation.

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