4ch Head Amplifier System, HAS-4


This HAS-4 head amplifier system can amplify up to 4 channel of neural signals (spikes, LFP, EEG) or EMG signal from animals. It consists of a head amplifier and a main amplifier.

The head amplifier has gain 1x enabling low noise recording even from high impedance electrode. Main amplifier has variable gain / high pass/ low pass filter enabling flexible control for each experiment design, and flexible compatibility for each experimental setup.

  • Gain: 10 steps (x1.2/x5/x10/x50/x100/x500/x1000/x2000/x5000/x10000)
  • High pass: 10 steps (0.1Hz/1Hz/3Hz/5Hz/10Hz/30Hz/50Hz/100Hz/200Hz/300Hz)
  • Low pass: 10 steps (30Hz/50Hz/100Hz/300Hz/500Hz/1000Hz/2000Hz/3000Hz/4000Hz/7000Hz)
  • 4ch single-end input/3ch input – 1 ch reference, differential
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