ELG-3 Set

Achieve high-quality EEG data with lighter weight, wireless telemetry technology – as little as 2 grams!

EEG3 channel Logger Standard Set Components.

・ELG-3-Head EEG logger x1

・ELG-3-Charger Charger for EEG logger x1

・ELG-Bat-S or L (※) Battery for EEG logger, small or large x2

・ELG-2-Con Male mating connector (incl. 2) x1

・ELG-2-ConF Female connector (incl. 2) x1

・ELG-2-Dummy-S or L (※) Dummy logger x1

・ELG-mSD microSD for EEG logger x1

・ELG-2 software x1

・EDF Converter EDF & TXT conversion software x1


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Wirelessly record high-quality EEG and EMG data with the ELG-3 Datalogger, an exceptional telemetry system designed for in vivo research studies. Built upon the success of the ELG-2, the ELG-3 Datalogger offers enhanced features and additional channels to provide even greater flexibility and insight into sleep, seizure, and neurological disorder research.

Enhanced EEG Setup for Unprecedented Discoveries:

High Quality, Artifact-Free Data: The ELG-3 Datalogger is equipped with a well-shielded EEG headstage and an internal amplifier, ensuring high-quality data acquisition. By eliminating the 60 Hz noise commonly encountered by other systems, you can confidently rely on accurate and artifact-free data for your research.

Minimal Effect on Mouse Behavior: Designed with the well-being of animals in mind, the wireless and lightweight EEG headstage of the ELG-3 Datalogger minimizes any disruption to their natural behavior. Mice can comfortably perform their tasks without interference, allowing for more accurate and reliable data collection.

Reliable, Quick Start EEG Recording: With the ELG-3 Datalogger, you can easily initiate EEG recordings with confidence. The system offers an intuitive turn-on-and-go functionality, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Spend less time on technical configurations and more time focused on your research objectives.

Everything You Need for EEG and EMG: The ELG-3 Datalogger provides a comprehensive package for EEG and EMG recordings. The logger, microSD card, charger, electrode connectors, and data analysis software are all included, ensuring a seamless setup and efficient data acquisition process.

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Recording: Enjoy extended battery life of up to 26 hours for mice and 70 hours for rats with the ELG-3 Datalogger. This prolonged performance allows for uninterrupted data collection, reducing the need for frequent battery changes and minimizing disruptions to your experiments.

Research Applications:

Sleep Research: Uncover the complexities of sleep with the ELG-3 Datalogger. This system enables precise and reliable EEG recordings during sleep studies, providing valuable insights into sleep architecture, patterns, and disorders.

Epilepsy Models: Investigate seizures and epilepsy with the ELG-3 Datalogger. With its high sensitivity to EEG signals, this system accurately detects and differentiates seizure activity, contributing to the development of novel treatments and a deeper understanding of underlying mechanisms.

Migraine Studies: Explore the neural correlates of migraines using the ELG-3 Datalogger. Capture detailed EEG data during migraine episodes to unravel the complexities of this neurological disorder, paving the way for innovative therapeutic approaches.

Neurological Disorders: Enhance your understanding of neurological disorders such as Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia with the ELG-3 Datalogger. Reliable and precise EEG recordings facilitate functional brain mapping, shedding light on the pathophysiology of these conditions.

Seamless Data Analysis and Compatibility:

Data Analysis of EEG & EMG Recordings: The ELG-3 Datalogger includes user-friendly data analysis software, enabling easy review and analysis of recorded data from your telemetry study. The software provides filtering capabilities, FFT-based power calculations, sleep analysis, and the option to export data in various formats for compatibility with popular software platforms.

Open Knowledge in Neuroscience: Amuza’s commitment to open knowledge in neuroscience is reflected in our free EEG data analysis software. Collaborate, share, and explore scientific discoveries without the burden of licensing fees, fostering a collaborative environment for advancements in the field.

Experience the Advanced Capabilities of the ELG-3 Datalogger:

With the ELG-3 Datalogger, you can expand your research capabilities by capturing high-quality EEG and EMG data with unparalleled ease and precision. Benefit from wireless freedom, extended battery life, and seamless data analysis capabilities. Maximize your research potential and gain new insights with the ELG-3 Datalogger from Amuza Inc.


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