TeleFipho Standard Set


TeleFipho Standard Set consists of the following items:

  • TeleFiT 1x TeleFipho Transmitter Headstage
  • TeleFiR 1x TeleFipho Receiver
  • TeleFiCharger 1x TeleFipho Charger
  • TeleFiC_x 3x TeleFipho Cannula (please specify fiber length. Default length is 5 mm)
  • TeleFiTool 1x Insertion Tool for TeleFipho
  • TeleFiDummy 1x TeleFipho Dummy Headstage
  • 1x TeleFipho software installer


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Telefipho is a game-changer in the field of fiber photometry. Designed to enhance your research experience, it offers wireless freedom for precise real-time measurements of neural circuits during operant conditioning.

With Telefipho’s compact 3-gram headstage, all the necessary components for fiber photometry are seamlessly integrated. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of long cables attached to animals’ heads, which can impede their natural behavior and alter social interactions. Additionally, the headstage eliminates artifacts that can occur when using video tracking systems, allowing for more accurate data analysis.

By choosing Telefipho, researchers can explore novel experimental approaches with ease, as animals can freely move and behave without limitations. This opens up new possibilities for gaining insights into neural circuit dynamics and uncovering valuable information.

Take advantage of wireless freedom and embark on a journey of discovery with Telefipho.


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