TeleFipho Transmitter Headstage, TeleFiT


Discover the possibilities of fiber photometry with TeleFipho’s advanced 3-Gram Headstage. This wireless component allows for unrestricted behavior in your research subjects, making it ideal for mice, rats, marmosets, and more. Its compact size ensures a comfortable fit for different animal models.

The headstage seamlessly integrates with standard 2.5 mm ferrule cannulas, providing smooth connectivity to your existing setup. With a dedicated charger, recharging is quick and convenient, minimizing experiment downtime.

Adjustable excitation LED power and signal offset allow you to customize your experiments and maintain precise control over photometry measurements. Optimized for GCaMP or GFP-like indicators, the headstage offers versatility for exploring various experimental approaches.

The complete TeleFipho system includes all of the components required for fiber photometry – optical fiber, filter cube, light source, and photodetector – as well as wireless transmission hardware.

TeleFipho fiber photometry systems definitely will not block the free behavior of your animals, enabling novel experimental approaches using fiber photometry.


  • World-first commercial wireless fiber photometry
  • Small headstage / good for mice, rats, marmosets, etc.
  • Standard 2.5 mm ferrule cannula
  • Rechargeable by a dedicated charger
  • Adjustable excitation LED power
  • Adjustable signal offset
  • For GCaMP or GFP-like indicators
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The TeleFipho Standard Set comprises the following items:

  • TeleFiT 1x TeleFipho Transmitter Headstage
  • TeleFiR 1x TeleFipho Receiver
  • TeleFiCharger 1x TeleFipho Charger
  • TeleFiC_x 3x TeleFipho Cannula
  • TeleFiTool 1x Insertion Tool for TeleFipho
  • TeleFiDummy 1x TeleFipho Dummy Headstage
  • 1x TeleFipho software installer


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