TeleFiOpto - The “Two-in-One” System

Complete Wireless System for Fiber Photometry and Optogenetics

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Combine two research techniques, Optogenetics and Fiber Photometry, into one wireless device and gain the ability for real-time Identification and manipulation of neuronal activity in the same freely moving animal.

Expand Your Experiment Setup Possibilities

Move beyond the limitations imposed by traditional tethered optogenetics and fiber photometry systems. Wireless optogenetics and fiber photometry systems make this possible by allowing rodents the ability to roam more freely in large open areas and travel through doorways during complex behavior experiments. 

Eliminate Frustrating Noise and Artifacts in Your Data

Gain more reliable data by eliminating the largest cause of noise and artifacts. The tether is the primary cause of noise and artifacts. The wireless feature of the TeleFiOpto system removes your largest and most frustrating cause of noise.

TeleFiOpto Specifications


Headstage weight 3g
Headstage size 12 x 12 x 23 mm
Excitation wavelength LED peak 470 nm, Filter band 445~490 nm
Emission wavelength Filter band 500~550 nm
Excitation power 5~200 µW @ 400 µm Fiber end (Adjustable)
Sampling rate 100 Hz
AD resolution 16 bit
Photo sensor Photo diode
Gain 1010 V/A
Battery life 2 hours @ Excitation power 30 µW
Transmission band 2.4 GHz
Transmission distance 2 m
Power Battery powered, rechargeable
Receiver I/O 1x Photometry analog out, 1x Geneal purpose analog In (0~5 V)
PC Interface USB / TeleFipho software (for Windows10)

core: 400 µm/NA 0.39, Cladding: 425 µm, Ferrule: 2.5 mm

core: 600 µm/NA 0.39, Cladding: 630 µm, Ferrule: 2.5 mm

Optogenetics wavelength LED peak 620 nm, Filter band 600 ~ 640 nm
Optogenetics power Max 6 mW/mm2 at 600 µm fiber end (adjustable)

FREE Wireless Fiber Photometry eBook

This eBook covers various topics including the benefits of wireless fiber photometry, the basics of fiber photometry, and more advanced topics.  Examples included are successful fiber photometry in mazes and other complex environments, the benefits of wireless systems in these complex environments, combining fiber photometry with behavioral measures for anxiety, research capsules and an ultra-fast technique used to measure calcium, neurotransmitters, and other molecules in-vivo.

TeleFiOpto Packages

TeleFiOpto Contents




Fiber Photometry

TeleFiOptoComplete Set
TeleFiOpHS: 1x TeleFiOpho Headstage
TeleFiR: 1x TeleFipho Receiver  
TeleFiCharger: 1x TeleFipho Charger  
TeleFiC-I-D: 3x TeleFipho Cannula  
TeleFiTool: 1x TeleFiTool  
TeleFiDummy: 1x TeleFiDummy  
TeleRemocon: 1x Teleopto Remote Controller  
TeleEmitter: 1 x Infrared Emitter  
STOmk-2: 1 x Stimulator for Optogenetics  

FREE Wireless Optogenetics eBook

This eBook covers various topics including the benefits of wireless optogenetics, the basics of optogenetics, and some more advanced topics. Some examples included are optogenetic suppression of medial prefrontal cortex -> paraventricular nucleus projections and optogenetic activation of parvalbumin inhibitory interneurons in the dorsal-medial prefrontal cortex.

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