Experience the Fastest Tissue Clearing with Binaree Rapid™

Achieve unparalleled speed and morphological preservation without organic solvents.
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Why Choose Binaree Tissue Clearing Rapid?

Fastest Clearing Method: Clear mouse brains in just 6 hours.
Preserves Tissue Morphology: Maintains structure and target fluorescence.
No Organic Solvents: Safe, mild chemical process.

Ready to experience the fastest tissue clearing method?

Tissue Clearing Time Comparison

Comparison of marketed products (Ref. www.Binaree.com)

  • Speed up your research with rapid clearing.
  • Preserve critical tissue morphology.
  • Safe, mild chemical process without organic solvents.
  • Clears mouse brains in just 6 hours.
  • Compatible with downstream immunostaining.
  • Electrophoresis device with cooling function.

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Binaree® Tissue Clearing™ Rapid (BRTC-001)

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